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Voice-over and Dubbing

Voice-overs are the best way to convey information from a video clip to your target audience, highlighting the required elements and making the material more memorable. Voice-overs are particularly essential in the translation of films (documentaries, feature films and animations). Janus offers services for any type of voice-over, whether one voice, two or more voices, off-screen announcements or full dubbing is required. Depending on the purpose of the material and the budget, the customer will be offered actors and speakers from our database. The process ends with the superimposition of the recorded voices onto the video and quality assurance. These services are also provided by our company.

Standard voice-over services provided by Janus:

  • Voice-overs for corporate and presentation videos
  • Voice-overs for advertising and promotional materials
  • Voice-overs for documentaries and feature films
  • Recording training courses (e-learning)

Voice database

On this page, you can listen to some voice samples of speakers that can be used for your videos.

Case study

Objective: to produce voice-overs for a YouTube channel with a series of reviews and presentation videos about cameras.

Process: in accordance with a uniform translation style which had been developed, voice-over actors were selected and approved for all main parts. The recording was made and the sound superimposed. Screen captions were also localized.

Result: a permanent team of translators and actors was set up, and all of the channel’s video clips retained a unique style, despite the project lasting six months.


Objective: to record 10 hours of audio for a training course on working with desktop virtualization software.

Process: permanent speakers were approved for different types of material. During the work on the audio, a series of small, extra recordings of material, which emerged in addition to the main project, were implemented in parallel.

Result: the customer received the complete recorded and verified audio material on time. Based on this work, our company subsequently implemented localization of training courses using specialized software: AdobePresenter and Captivate.

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