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Translation of Audio/Video Texts and Scenarios

This stage of translation, despite its apparent simplicity, has a number of non-obvious features that can vary considerably depending on the intended purpose of the translated text. Material that is to be used to record a training course must meet very different requirements to a text designed for dubbing, where in addition to a high-quality translation that is easy to read aloud, the complex stage of lip-syncing to the speaker must be added.

Janus works with industry specialists and carries out the translation depending on the objectives and purpose of the multimedia material, which can include:

  • Material of a technical nature
  • Audio and video training courses (e-learning)
  • Marketing, promotional and corporate videos
  • Literary translation and translation of informal texts
  • Animated and feature film scenes for subsequent voice-over

Case study

Objective: to translate a series of animated training scenarios about Internet safety from Slovak into Russian for later dubbing. Target audience – children aged 6 to 11 years.

Process: securing the services of translators specializing in art and children’s texts. Consultation with the rights holder about the features of the characters’ speech: accents, special dialect and style of speech. Lip-syncing the translation for voice-over.

Result: 24 episodes were translated, which our company then used for dubbing and producing the cut.

Objective: to translate internal corporate instructional videos for sales consultants with a duration of 40 minutes. Topic: cosmetics, associated sales techniques and customer focus.

Process: while working on the videos, it was necessary not only to translate the scripts, but also to retain the length of the cues. This was further monitored at the editing and marketing stages.

Result: a translation and marketing adaptation of the text was produced, marked up for multiple voice-overs.

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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.