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Work on the localization of any video or audio material begins with a translation of the text. It is often the case, however, that no text was prepared, or that it has been supplied in an unsuitable format.

The work then includes another stage: transcription, which is the conversion of audio into typed, editable text, with the layout and formatting desired by the customer.

Transcription may also be required as an independent service, when you want to have an easy to use, grammatically correct text for conferences, interviews, meetings or presentations.

Janus offers transcription services in various formats and different languages:

  • This might be a simple transcript of the whole text (when only ordinary recording of the entire voice-over is required), or a transcript including precise timestamps (if, for example, the text will be needed in the future for subtitling or voice-over recording)
  • In the event of subsequent voice-over or dubbing, the text is labeled by role and speaker at the transcription stage
  • If the recording is of insufficient quality, we can help improve it using our technical resources
  • Transcripts are produced in the format the customer requires, with precise timestamps indicated
  • When transcribing, specialized software is used to automatically split the text into separate segments and set time stamps

Case study

Objective: to transcribe a two-hour interview, recorded in Russian, Georgian and Dutch, for subsequent translation into English.

Process: securing the services of linguists fluent in Russian and Georgian; marking the phrases in the original text by language, and adding the transcribed Dutch text at the translation stage.

Result: a text of more than 12,000 words was transcribed, time-stamped and translated.

We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account
No corrections. Good and fluent translation
Your translation is perfect. No Errors have been found
Thanks for the excellent work! We wanted to acknowledge the high quality of translation, thanks
We are very satisfied with the quality your team has provided. Great job
Much appreciate your fast action in such short turnaround. You are Great
Translation and the style of the document is very good
Thank you very much! That was such a wonderful translation that I wanted to write you about it. Please send many thanks to your translators.
We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.