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Delivering translations in one, ten or many dozens of languages requires much more than basic linguistic services. The complexities involved with software localization can be daunting for the first time localizer, and merging products or integrating non-internationalized components to internationalized ones can overwhelm even the most experienced localization teams at large technology companies. At Janus, we offer packaged solutions for software, website, and multimedia localization, as well as a la carte services tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our experience with software localization stems all the way back to Janus’ founding years in the mid-1990s when we began assisting our technology customers with internationalization issues. Today we are partnered with Fortune 500 companies and many smaller organizations to localize and deliver with the language and functionality requirements tailored to their target market.

Simultaneous shipment (sim-ship) is a growing trend in the industry and Janus has the experience and rapid scalability to accommodate this model. In today’s world, the global companies sim-ship new projects and updates in both the source and key target, localized languages at to stay competitive and meet the demands of their market.

We carry out all of the tasks required to ensure high-quality software localization, including:

  • Extraction of text for translation
  • Internationalization testing and consulting
  • Screen capture and Graphical User Interface testing
  • Incremental and final, in-context quality review checks
  • Functional testing
  • User Interface and backend interoperability trouble-shooting
  • Build engineering
  • Multimedia engineering
  • DTP and Printing

You’ll benefit from Janus’ localization services by:

  • Accelerating your product’s time-to-market
  • Maintaining your brand image and customer loyalty across global markets
  • Ensuring consistency and interoperability while adapting relevant components for cultural compatibility
  • Boost product quality and reliability with in-country testing

Our experienced engineers, project managers, and in-country native speaking linguists engage in localization projects from the get go, pro-actively breaking down the complex project into smaller parts and analyzing each of them to find potential trouble spots and plan for them. We know your brand is at stake when we are trusted to localize it, and we don’t disappoint. Our proven methodology is used by hundreds of our clients which include 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest technology companies.

Software localization can be a challenge, but with the experience and reputation of Janus, you are assured a quality, on-time, on-budget deliverable.

For more information about software, multimedia, or website localization, contact us!

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