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The Janus Quality Commitment

Janus has seen tremendous growth since its inception in 1996 and you can’t grow a company without doing something right. Our success can be attributed to many things, and one of them is our commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to our tried and true Quality Management System.

Over the last 16 years, Janus has developed an approach to localization that is efficient, consistent, and proven. To ensure that our recipe is duplicated across our global production centers, Janus self-audited in the late 90s and was first audited in 2000 for ISO certification. In 2008, we updated to ISO 9001:2008, certifying our translation, localization, quality assurance, and desktop publishing and linguistic consulting practices in each of our five production offices. In 2015 we were certified for ISO 17100:2015.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
– Henry Ford

Our mission is to assure our client’s success in reaching customers in global markets with accurate, timely, and cost effective localized materials. We achieve this with our quality commitment, which is pervasive within the company culture and in our processes. Measuring quality is difficult in an industry where there is often more than one correct answer, but we try hard to get it right, and evidence of our success is a 90% client retention rate. There is a reason Microsoft, Volkswagen, SAP, HP and many others choose Janus and stay with Janus.

In addition to the ISO audits by internationally accredited organizations, all internal and contract linguists are quality audited on their output either quarterly or semi-annually to ensure output meets our rigorous standards and expectations. Any irregularities are addressed immediately and the root cause is identified and corrected before it can propagate.

You can download our Quality Policy here.

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