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Automated QA

As part of our rigorous commitment to quality, we use redundant error recognition and correction software with all translation projects at Janus Worldwide. A highly trained team of QA Specialists use a trio of programs to analyze and find errors that human editors and proofreaders are prone to missing.

This quality process is performed in addition to the human editing, proofreading, and other human checks that are in place per project requirements.

The automated quality control tools available today provide the capability to carry out rapid assessment of both large corpus data and small projects in areas such as:

  • Formatting
  • Errors in numeric sequences
  • Units of measure
  • Punctuation
  • Usage of approved project terminology
  • Consistency of translations version over version
  • Spell checks

The process is embedded in our translation and localization workflow, whether it be a product data sheet, technical manual, website, or internal corporate communication, and is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement in producing the most accurate, and error free translations possible. Our Automated QA process was audited during our ISO 9001:2008 certification process and is a component of our Quality Management System.

The methodology is simple and proven. Before the automated process begins, the QA Specialist configures the dozens of parameters to be congruous with our clients’ process and local, target market customs. The text is then analyzed, typically by three different systems — both proprietary and commercial, for errors.

To ensure the computerized system does not introduce any new errors, each suggested correction is thoroughly analyzed by the QA Specialist who either approves or ignors the correction — much the same way a spell check works in a word processing program.

Should any items in the report require specialized attention by the translating linguists, the content is sent back to them for comment/correction before the QA Specialist completes their review.

We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account
No corrections. Good and fluent translation
Your translation is perfect. No Errors have been found
Thanks for the excellent work! We wanted to acknowledge the high quality of translation, thanks
We are very satisfied with the quality your team has provided. Great job
Much appreciate your fast action in such short turnaround. You are Great
Translation and the style of the document is very good
Thank you very much! That was such a wonderful translation that I wanted to write you about it. Please send many thanks to your translators.
We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.