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Subtitling is the simplest and fastest way to make almost any video available in another language. It is used when there are restrictions on budget, when time frames are tight, or if the video is to be played without sound, for example at an exhibition.

Janus provides video subtitling services and can either work with text provided by the customer or transcribe it from scratch, taking care of all preparation and translation work.

Specialists are involved at every stage of the subtitling process, and the final material is provided in the form required by the client: a text with timestamps broken down by individual titles, or a video where the subtitles have already been superimposed.

We use subtitling software, such as Subtitles Workshop, and video editors (Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects).

Work may include:

  • Provisional transcription and translation of text
  • Layout and preparation of text for subtitling
  • Superimposing subtitles onto the video and quality assurance
  • Translation and replacement of on-screen captions in the video (including frame-by-frame redrawing)
  • Editing of the final material

Case study

Objective: to add Russian and English subtitles to a 50-minute presentation film on excavators, and localize on-screen captions.

Process: after preliminary transcription and translation, the complex preparation of two-line bilingual subtitles and synchronization with the speech track was carried out.

Result: in addition to complete subtitling of the film, we redrew all on-screen captions, and added a voice-over in the target language.

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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.