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Localization QA & Testing

Quality and Testing

At Janus, Quality Assurance (QA) systems exist in each phase of the translation and localization process and are the bedrock of our approach to what we do . Managing the globalization ecosystem is a constant challenge, and each of our clients benefit from our experience and passion for getting it right the first time. Our proven approach is systematic, consistent, scalable and adaptable to the specific needs of the project. Backed by the ISO 9001 international standard, services from linguistic and accuracy checking to internationalizing, functional testing, compliance, automation and QA tool development, we provide a customized approach that ensures the final deliverables meet the project objectives. Carried out both in-country by native speakers or in our off-shore facilities, our QA teams are built catered to all languages and meet the budgetary and service-level expected by our clients.

Originally certified in 2000, we are continuously improving our systems and process while enforcing an aggressive training regimen for our QA personnel, which led us to recertify in 2008. We now operate under ISO 9001:2008 certification and have developed and introduced a quality control system that satisfies the requirements of the international standard. Audited by German-based TÜV SÜD, we are constantly monitoring and looking to improve all of our production procedures carefully to make them as efficient as possible.

We understand better than anyone that in translation, the quality of the finished product depends on EVERY stage of the process being completed to the highest standard. Our approach to Quality Assurance goes a long way towards ensuring this, and system checks are carried at key project milestones to comply with our internal standards. At each check-point, corrections and notes are made to reduce, prevent and eliminate potential pitfalls.

We implement a range of semi-automated and automated quality control procedures at various phases of a project’s development. To automate the process, a variety of QA tools are utilized, while human linguists and testers manage and verify our process.

Testing services include:

Language validation testing

Our senior in-country and native speaking linguists, review your materials for translation accuracy and cultural appropriateness for the intended market. This step is performed on all of translation projects, beginning in the pre-project planning when all language assets are analyzed, including glossaries, style guides and existing translations. Review is based on the industry-standard LISA QA model, whose indicators dictate the next step in the process. Redundant quality control and testing against pre-defined standards provides for a detailed reporting of the quality of the translation.

Functional testing for software

Localization is a complex process with many moving parts and complexities and problems that are not always foreseen before the end product is compiled and viewed in its intended form. Our engineers verify that the localization process has not introduced functionality defects into the software which alters or breaks the applications functionality.

User interface testing

Engineers systematically comb the user interface of your localized product and look for errors from encoding, which creates garbage characters, text truncation, dynamic re-sizing issues, graphic display problems, formatting errors, text that has not been translated, and items that are not culturally acceptable in the target market. Our collaboration platform allows us work seamlessly to allow our engineers to indentify issues and work with native-speaking, in-country teams to fix, rebuild and re-check the issue before final delivery.

The combination of automated quality control tools, and obligatory editing by qualified experts, enables us to maintain a top-quality standard without affecting either their affordability or the time taken to deliver them.

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