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Over 70% of potential buyers would not buy goods or services if the website where they found the goods or services was not presented in their native language. The solution is simple – localize your website.

In today’s world, the face of a company is its website and it has to convey your global message correct.. It is often the first impression of your brand and the repository for your company’s global content. A properly internationalized and translated website enhances the customer experience by displaying information in their language and leverages your existing infrastructure and functionality to ensure a consistent user experience to maximize your return on investment.

Janus offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure that every aspect of the globalization process needed to make your website appropriate for the target markets is taken care of. Our experienced team will assist you in determining what will be necessary to take your brand global.

We offer the following services:

  • Translation of your website into any language
  • Marketing adaptation and transcreation of your web content
  • Multimedia localization of your product demonstration and training videos
  • Linguistic testing of the translated content with native professionals
  • Functional testing of localized web application interfaces by IT professionals
  • Internationalization services
  • CMS integration and automated workflow options

No matter what industry or vertical that your company operates in, Janus can match your needs with teams that specialize in your area. Our linguists are native speakers, live in the market they are translating for, and are chosen by our vendor managers according to their industry specialization. Our subject matter experts ensure accurate and culturally acceptable translations for your global audience.

Why choose Janus for your website localization?

  • Global network of industry experienced professionals
  • Skilled engineers with localization and internationalization expertise
  • Support of all file formats (HTML, XML, PHP, Java, .Net, Flash, etc.)
  • A dedicated multimedia localization department managing your interactive content, including sound and video content
  • Multistage QA production process
  • Single production contact for all issues, including the technical and linguistic queries
  • Customer-centric approach where a top quality deliverable and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

The Janus approach

Complex website localization projects require planning and pre-production steps to be taken before work begins. Prior to project start, the account manager and project manager will clarify the customer’s needs and the required services. After verifying that we have received all previous language assets and reference material, receiving the source files from the customer, the project manager and localization engineer confirm the process and make any customized steps to match our clients’ needs.

The other elements of the process are:

  • Assembling the team of translators, editors, proofreaders, testers, and other specialists that will collaborate on the project
  • Detailing the project schedule and plan for our internal departments and project set-up on our collaboration platform
  • Appropriate technology is deployed for the translation team with our customer’s glossaries and style preferences pre-programmed
  • Quality Assurance and in-country review by our clients is carried out and coordinated
  • On-going maintenance of the site and content update plan established

Janus’ website localization is scalable and adaptable to your existing process and needs. No matter the size, language combination or aggressive production timelines of your project, Janus will work with you to deliver the language services you demand on-time, and on-budget.

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