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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting - this type of interpreting is performed by the interpreter almost simultaneously listening to the interpreted text. Classic simultaneous interpreting is performed using special equipment for simultaneous interpreting (link to Simultaneous interpreting equipment page) and interpreter booths. Simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs.

Simultaneous interpreting requires excellent knowledge of foreign and native languages, years of preparation, a rapid reaction and special skills to simultaneously listen and interpret the text heard. The interpreter listens to a speaker, interprets what is said, and continues to interpret without waiting for the speaker to finish.

Sphere of application:

The advantages of simultaneous interpreting over other types of interpreting are:

  • The speaker is not interrupted, thus saving time, and making communication more dynamic and perception of the speech is livelier. The speaker holds the audience's attention, and feels the mood and reaction of listeners.
  • The length of the event is half that of using consecutive interpreting.
  • Convenience for the participants, as the interpreter does not interfere with perception of the speaker's speech.
  • The possibility of perform simultaneous interpreting into several languages.
  • The status of the event is enhanced by organization of simultaneous interpreting.
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