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Desktop Publishing & Printing

Janus’ Desktop Publishing (DTP) and typesetting services are built around the same core of quality that drives all of our service offerings. Multiple quality checks and skilled, multilingual personal drive our internal department that produces tens of thousands of pages of content in over 65 languages each year. Our DTP specialists reproduce the target language content to match the source-language original while complying with all nonlinguistic and cultural standards in addition to linguistic norms for the target market.

Everything from iconography to color combinations and line spacing are taken into account when our team analyzes and formats your material. We understand that a minor mistake in the DTP step can compromise the intended message and quality of the best translation, which in turn can damage the perceived reputation of your brand. We go to great pains to typeset, adapt graphics, and formatting to ensure a top-quality deliverable that appears native to your intended audience. To achieve this, every effort is made to match the native language of the DTP specialist to the language being formatted to ensure the work is done right the first time.

Services include:

  • Formatting and typesetting of target-language material to match the overall look and feel of the source
  • Print-ready file preparation for hardcopy press
  • Generation of PDF and other formats for electronic distribution
  • Creation of templates and foundational design structure
  • Development of stylistic guidelines for desktop publishing and printing
  • Consultation on XML and DITA compliant formats
  • Single-source and CMS system implementation and workflow
  • Re-creation of documents, text extraction from static, non editable formats

Both PC and Macintosh platforms are supported and our team works with every graphics tool package imaginable. No project is too big or small for our team, as our production departments work on a 24hr cycle and can churn out any project from complex technical documentation to marketing brochures and pamphlets and print-ready and bounded books. Our global workflow platform and integrated approach ensures all languages in production are delivered at the same time and with no surprises.

Contact us for a quote or more information at our DTP and Publishing services.

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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.