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Janus Worldwide Updates Global Technology Platform
Monday, 29 May 2017 11:15

Janus Worldwide is pleased to announce the launch of its updated Global Technology Platform (GTP). The company plans to present the updated platform at the LocWorld conference soon to take place in Barcelona.

GTP is a suite of tools and solutions designed to make Janus’ customer service process as simple and transparent as possible, deliver the highest quality translations, guarantee on-time deliveries, and provide consistent, accurate terminology with internal and external sources, as well as easy, real-time access to detailed information on each project.

GTP includes the following tools and solutions: Janus TermCheck (a convenient terminology management tool); Janus Perfect (a multi-layered, automated quality control process); Janus Connect (a web portal facilitating communication between the company and its clients and including Janus Connect API, which integrates the portal with customer text messages); Janus DashPort (a tool providing detailed and structured project information allowing customers to make more informed decisions regarding expenses and translation budgets, as well as other strategic solutions); and Janus Express (a truly exclusive translation service for urgent, small volume translations).

Some time has passed since Janus launched the GTP, allowing the company to understand precisely what needed to be done to improve its signature customer service solution. Changes were made to both the structure and the content of the platform. Some important additions were integrated that adapted the solution to meet certain customers’ needs.

Janus Connect and Janus DashPort now have a much-improved design, and not just in terms of visual appeal, but with regard to usability as well. It is now a lot simpler for Janus Connect users to view project information using Janus DashPort, as we have made the interface considerably more user-friendly and intuitive. Moreover, the tools’ added functions have resulted in a much more effective and straightforward process for communicating with customers.

Janus TermCheck was also successfully updated: terminology management is now considerably easier due to a number of technical solutions and work done to transform the program’s design.

Janus Worldwide continues to improve its customer service and work on enhancing its offering. This is reflected in the changes that have been made to Janus Perfect and Janus Express: the Janus Perfect quality control process and Janus Express services are now running extremely smoothly. This is vital to ensuring a high-quality end product.

Janus Worldwide will present its updated, improved GTP at LocWorld, a leading language industry conference and an interesting event for international business set to take place in Barcelona from June 14 to 16.

We look forward to seeing you at booth #212 at LocWorld!

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