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Janus Worldwide and Asia Online join forces in the automated translation sector
December 13, 2011

Janus Worldwide and Asia Online have signed an agreement to engage in the joint development of a an automated translation solution for translations from English into Russian.

Janus Worldwide is one of the largest translation companies in Eastern Europe, and has been carrying out translations into Russian for over 15 years. In addition to translating material from all possible subject areas, the company also regularly provides comprehensive linguistic support for its clients, which can include:

  • developing stylistic guidelines;
  • independent quality control of Russian-language material;
  • term searches and the compilation of glossaries for new projects;
  • linguistic consulting on any other matters.
“Together, we intend to come up with a solution that will provide translations no less suitable than if the translation had been carried out by a human.”
– Dmitry Ulanov, Janus CTO

Since it was first set up the company has accumulated a large number of high-quality parallel texts (bilingual translation memories from English into Russian), on the basis of which a statistical model of this language pair is going to be constructed. Moreover, a model of the Russian language is going to be created, based on Russian language material selected by Janus’s linguists, in accordance with which the formulaic parameters for the new solution will be built. And eventually, an individual glossary of terms and a selection of unique dynamic rules will be applied to each concrete project, thereby ensuring that the final formulae match up precisely with the template translations, as though the translation had been carried out by a person.

Asia Online has developed technology that enables high (near-human in some cases) quality mass translation of text across more than 600 language pairs. The technology is currently being deployed to assist enterprises and language service providers translate large amounts of information into their preferred languages and translate millions of pages of open content into local languages absolutely free to help eliminate information poverty in countries which are under served by such content.

The Asia Online technology is unique in the localization industry in providing multiple levels of linguistic control to steer the MT output quality to levels that have never been seen before. Asia Online is one of the market leaders in automated translation, having developed a range of tools and technologies (better known under the name Language Studio™) for each stage of the automated translation process. These cover everything from data scrubbing and cleaning, user training and settings, to applying special glossaries and terminology to each translation job and tools to assess its quality. This combination of linguistic steering from strategic partners like Janus and a linguistically responsive MT system architecture enables human quality translation to be delivered faster and more efficiently.

Asia Online won the Red Herring Global 100 Award for "Most Promising Technology Startups" in January 2009 and was profiled recently by Gartner in their report entitled "Cool Vendors in Emerging Technologies, 2009."

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