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Linguistic testing

Many games that have become popular in their native region cannot enter the world market due to the language barrier. Do you want your game to be translated into several languages so players around the world can enjoy it? Or do you just need to translate it into a specific language to enter the market of a particular country? Our company will undertake the translation of your product into one or several languages. We have experience with games of various genres, including strategy, simulation, shooters, quests, MOBA, etc. People turn to us for the localization of both mobile and social games and for our superior customer support.

  • Game projects are filled with specific vocabulary. To maintain consistency of terminology and correctly transfer context, with the aid of engineering software, our company creates glossaries based on supplied text, as well as ready-made translations for the project, if they are available.
  • A game text is closely related to the game interface. In translating content, special symbols and variables are regularly met. The translators must clearly understand their role and purpose, and structure sentences appropriately. This avoids inconsistencies of case endings and conjugations caused by the substitution of words in general text variables, images, icons and/or links.
  • Even the best translators are often not able to optimally translate game text without seeing and testing the game themselves. Our translators are gamers themselves with extensive gaming knowledge and expertise, so the final translation is suitable for the average player.
  • Our company provides services for voiceovers of games, whether it is "free" voiceovers without phrase length restrictions, voiceovers with a strictly defined playback time or full duplication dialogs coinciding articulation. Preparing for recordings takes place at the translation and editing stage. Our company has solid experience in casting and recording studio quality sound in various languages.
  • When Janus preforms localization services, we use professional hardware and software tools such as MemoQ, Trados and Across.
We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account
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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.