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Translation is always the first step of any localization process and much of the work falls to the testers, editors and proofreaders. Only when a translation hits the game space and is displayed on the screen can you check whether it meets the requirements of the game interface and the author's idea, and make appropriate adjustments.

  • Like many literary texts, an exact translation is not always conveyed correctly. Knowledge of the context, slang and specifics of a particular game can improve the friendliness of the translation. Many game worlds have formed their own glossaries and a strictly defined set of terms, so the translator must know whether you need to translate a particular word, transliterate it or use a well-established translation. The slightest inaccuracy in translation will inevitably cause strict and fair criticism from loyal game fans.
  • As the text of the game is always inscribed in the interface, with linguistic testing, it is important to check how well the translation works within given bounds. Often, it is necessary to adapt a particular term, so that it looks better and more informative on the screen.
  • After translation and adaptation to the game interface, additional editing of a literary text may still be required to make it accessible to the target audience, or emphasize an important, but not so obvious earlier description item or dialog.
  • Finding an error in a program is one thing, but the main thing is to correctly identify it and explain it to the editors. For this, we use bug tracking systems like Jira, Bugzilla, GNATS, etc.
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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.