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We at Janus help leading automotive manufacturers to win and thrive in new markets and segments by providing high quality technical and marketing translations for the world’s leading brands. Today’s auto buyer has plenty of selection and an ever increasing amount of safety and convenience features to choose from.

And, at the same time the consumer is enjoying more style, speed, and quality of the products and services the automotive industry offers, the industry has had to cope with increased pricing pressure and explore developing markets for increased revenue. During these difficult economic times, Janus has continued to serve automotive customers, offering such incentives as lower rates and higher throughput to stay competitive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our experience covers everything from spare part catalogues, user and training manuals, finance documentation, and safety regulation materials to websites and marketing collateral. Our specialized native-speaking translators, project managers and engineers are experienced and well equipped with the latest productivity and quality enhancing technology to take on your next automotive project.

Our customers include:

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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.