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Translating marketing material, advertisements, and other brand-sensitive content is a challenging task and requires special cultural understanding and deep familiarity with playful language like idioms and nuanced language. To accurately convey a marketing message, much more than just translation of words is necessary and it must be done consistently and uniformly across all of your target markets.

Our specialized linguists and cultural consultants work on marketing projects are located all over the world and are selected on a per-project basis based on their expertise and specialization. Our in-country resources adapt your marketing and branding guidelines based on target audience and market and go to work in much the same way an advertising agency would to create accurate, pursuasive text or multimedia. Our multi-step adaptation and transcreation process assures that creativity, message objectives, and branding has been conveyed in the many formats that we are familiar with, including:

  • Marketing Brochures and Magazines
  • Websites and Web-based Advertisements
  • Search Engine AdWords
  • Media Scripts and Voiceover
  • Direct mail and email Campaigns

For highly complex projects and for taglines, outdoor advertising, or projects like space-restricted Flash banners, we employ our transcreation service offering. This process can include multiple options for target text for each source string along with back-translations and explanations of how the text was changed, along with feedback from the native audience. Our approach ensures that the local market receives the right message every time and that your brand-image is kept intact.

With resources in over 100 countries, and a highly experienced production teams in Europe and Asia, Janus can offer our full range of marketing services over a wide variety of media formats and you can be assured of the language support you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Our intent is always to deliver the same ideas and messaging that are in the original source language and adapt them for the local market as carefully as possible to ensure your company’s goals are achieved and your campaign is successful.

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We were impressed by the standard of work submitted and are keen to work with you further on this account.