Konstantin Josseliani, President and CEO

Igor Mogilevsky, Vice-President IT/CFO

Dmitry Molodyk, COO

Olga Aboeva, Marketing Director

Dmitry Ulanov, CTO

Konstantin Josseliani, President and CEO

Konstantin Josseliani

In 1996, Konstantin Josseliani founded Janus Worldwide, a group of language professionals and engineers. Today, Janus has grown to be Eastern Europe’s third largest translation company with capabilities to handle the language needs of the world's largest multinational organizations.

In 1994, Konstantin began his language career with SAP, working as a staff linguist. He was quickly promoted and became the department head in charge of all localization efforts for SAP products and solutions into Russian and C.I.S. languages.

Combining his unique 16-years of experience in localization with a decade-plus expertise in strategic planning and organizational development, Konstantin’s focus as the company’s architect is to improve its production capabilities, service offerings, and infrastructure.

Konstantin holds diplomas in linguistics and in management.

Igor Mogilevsky, Vice-President IT/Chief Financial Officer

Igor Mogilevsky

Igor Mogilevsky is a founder and joint owner of the company who has been an integral part of its growth since its establishment in 1996.

Igor manages the global accounting departments of all the company’s subsidiaries and has primary responsibility for financial controls and risk management. Igor also oversees the IT department and ensures that Janus’ state-of-the-art technical infrastructure is running smoothly.

With an extensive background working as a CFO in large Russian companies, Igor gained the knowledge necessary to develop and implement Janus’ internal ERP system, which integrates accounting and production’s workflow management into one, seamless system.

Igor holds a diploma in economics from Moscow Commercial University.

Dmitry Molodyk, Chief Operating Officer

Dmitry Molodyk

Dmitry is Janus’ longest serving employee and has played an integral role in shaping the operations infrastructure and day-to-day production. In 1999 Dmitry started working as a project manager and served in a variety of roles before accepting the top operations position.

Since 2008 Dmitry has managed all of Janus’ global operating activities — monitoring production, overseeing vendor sourcing and relationships, and managing customer relationships.

Dmitry is a noted speaker and has shared his knowledge with peers at events such as Localization World, LISA and Tekom conferences.

Dmitry holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Moscow State University.

Olga Aboeva, Marketing Director

Olga Aboeva

Olga Aboeva is in charge of Janus Worldwide’s Marketing and PR activities globally. Based in the headquarters office in Moscow, Russia, she joined Janus in 2007. Olga is responsible for both internal and external activities in the areas of marketing and pre-sales; budgeting and cost/investment calculation and control of service proposals and projects.

Olga holds a BA in Foreign Literature from Uzbekistan State University, a BA in Marketing from the Moscow Institute of Finance and Economics at the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Dmitry Ulanov, Chief Technology Officer

Dmitry Ulanov

Dmitry has been involved in localization since 1998. Starting as a translator in one of the major localization companies in Russia, he has held several positions with Janus since joining the company in 2008. Dmitry has successfully risen through the ranks as a project manager, account manager, multimedia localization program manager, enterprise and strategic accounts operations lead, and head of emerging technology R&D. His profound knowledge localization process and technology allow him to solve complex problems and create solutions for Janus’ clients.

As CTO, Dmitry is focused on creating value through the use of new technology and process automation. His current projects include the improvement and maintenance of the Translation Collaboration Portal, machine translation implementation, computer-based training modules for Janus’ staff and clients, and he serves as the technical brain trust for all things technical.

Dmitry holds a diploma from Moscow State University and is an accredited ISO 9001 QMS Internal Auditor.

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